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Our seminars provide information on a variety of topics related to benefits for Federal & Postal employees, retirement planning, and making the most of your benefits. 

Benefits Overview
We provide a thorough outline of the basic benefits you are entitled to, along with detailed information about key benefits many employees fail to take advantage of. We'll open up the training session with an overview of the entire seminar format so you can be prepared to ask your questions at the end.
Getting the most from your benefits
In this section of the seminar we go into more detail about what you need to know about taking advantage of your benefits and any elective benefits you should be aware of. Some of your benefits may expire or have time limits so you'll need to be aware of when to act.
Planning for retirement
Next we'll review a basic retirement plan and give you the most important tips for understanding when you can retire and what assets you need to have in place before taking the plunge. While each retirement plan should be customized for your particular situation, you'll gain valuable insight into what you should consider when planning for a successful retirement.
Protecting your family and Livelihood

Every financial plan should consider what would happen to your family in the event you are disabled or pass away unexpectedly. In this section of the seminar, we'll look at protecting your family, your mortgage and assets when the unexpected happens.

Question and Answer Sessions
Come to our seminar prepared with questions. We'll address common questions and concerns throughout the session, but you'll inevitably have your own we can answer for you. Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so a follow up appointment might be necessary to make sure you have everything you need to make the right choices for your retirement plan.
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